Farson Middle School Volleyball Plays Against Pinedale at Home

Farson Middle School Volleyball Plays Against Pinedale at Home

FARSON-EDEN– The Farson-Eden middle school volleyball team and the 6th grade Pinedale volleyball team played against each other on Tuesday, September 26 in the Farson-Eden High gymnasium.

Pinedale brought their 6th grade A and B teams to compete against the Farson-Eden middle school team, which is made up of 5th through 7th graders.

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The Pinedale Wranglers’ A team won the match against the Farson Pronghorns’ team in two games. The first game was a close one, with the Wranglers winning 25-23.

The second A game was also close, but Pinedale got the win, 25-22, winning the match.

The Wranglers’ B team took the court next. The Pronghorns won the first game 25-23, and the second game 25-21.

The girls from both schools showed great sportsmanship, but two girls from each team were awarded sportsmanship awards from the referees.

The Pinedale Wranglers sportsmanship award recipients were Seren Noble and Anna Mika. The Farson Pronghorns recipients were 5th grader Kada King and 7th grader Sydney Jones. Each of the four girls received a metal and a Gatorade for their great sportsmanship.