Fishing is Excellent on the Gorge, Most Boat Ramps Are Open


GREEN RIVER — Temperatures have been mild, the ice on Flaming Gorge Reservoir is retreating, and that means one thing; fishing is excellent from a boat or from the shore of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir right now and will be for months to come.

Wyoming Game and Fish Department Green River Region Fisheries Supervisor Robb Keith is an avid angler, fishing the Gorge year round. “Buckboard, Brinegar’s Ferry, and Anvil Draw Boat Ramps are ice-free and ready for boaters,” Keith said.

“Fishing for the abundant, tasty lake trout less than 28 inches will be good from shore and boat from now through the end of May. Small lake trout, less than 28 inches, are readily available for boat anglers, whether they like to jig or troll. When water temperatures warm in June the action for small lake trout will be good from boats fishing deep but the shore fishing for lake trout will be tough as the fish seek deeper and colder water. Anglers are also reporting that rainbows and cutthroat trout are providing good angling action from shore,” said Keith.

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“The number of small lake trout in Flaming Gorge Reservoir continues to increase which is a major concern,” said John Walrath Green River Fisheries Biologist.

“The abundance of small lake trout is slowing their growth, which means fewer fish are moving into the trophy size class.  If this trend continues and harvest on small lake trout doesn’t increase, the trophy component will over time cease to exist. Anglers are a great tool for managing fisheries and their effort to harvest more small lake trout will help maintain the trophy fishery,” said Walrath.

Anglers can learn more about why biologist are concerned about the abundance of small lake trout and find tips on how to catch lake trout less than 28 inches on the Flaming Gorge page of the Department’s Green River webpage here.

Anglers can acquire a copy of the 2018 Wyoming Fishing Regulations at any Game and Fish regional office, most license selling vendors, or at For questions and or more information call the Game and Fish Green River Regional Office at 307-875-3223.