Flack Friday: NFL Rambling, Anthony Davis Rumors and Taking Advantage of Your Opportunities

Flack Friday: NFL Rambling, Anthony Davis Rumors and Taking Advantage of Your Opportunities

This has by far been one of the best NFL seasons I have ever seen. Fourteen out of the sixteen games this week all have playoff implications. With only two weeks to go, there truly is no doubt that we are going to have some incredible football games throughout the next few weeks.

If there are two teams that I wouldn’t want to play, it would be the Los Angeles Chargers and the Indianapolis Colts. Obviously the Chargers have one of the best rosters when healthy. Phillip Rivers is a dependable, consistent quarterback that is at his best with complimentary pieces Melvin Gordon and Keenan Allen. The Chargers recently beat the Chiefs without Gordon and Allen. When the playoffs roll around, I would hate to be matched up against this team. I’ve watched plenty of the Chargers throughout the years and this team has a totally different feeling. Los Angeles is going to be a problem for whoever has to play them.

The Colts are another team that I would be cautious around. I saw the Colts convincing win over Dallas coming from a mile away. Indianapolis hasn’t had a team that has been consistent for quite some time. Andrew Luck has once again proven to be the backbone of this team. While they are in position for a wild card slot, they pose a threat in my mind to teams like the Steelers and Texans. Both Indianapolis and Los Angeles are playing great football heading into the postseason. It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.

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Last week I said I didn’t buy into the Kirk Cousins experiment and his numbers back that theory up. I hate to be harsh, but I truly believe the Vikings will miss the playoffs. Each week it seems the “skol” chant becomes more faint. Don’t be surprised if the Detroit Lions shred the Vikes to pieces this weekend. Not only will they have to beat an underrated Lions team, but they face the Chicago Bears next week which doesn’t currently favor Minnesota. I’m just preparing you for the next two weeks.

Usually I wouldn’t say this, but we won’t see the Patriots in the Super Bowl this year. This might appear a bit obvious but Tom Brady hasn’t had his typical year. I would say the lack of production is not Brady himself, but the pieces around him. New England has had a tough time figuring out it’s identity when it comes to offensive pieces. I’ll talk about Josh Gordon later in this column, but his departure has a significant impact on the future of the Patriots this season. Also, the Patriots will not have a first round bye for the playoffs and Bill Belichick has never won a Super Bowl without one.

Anthony Davis to the Lakers?

Speculation on LeBron James’ comments about teaming up with Anthony Davis is obviously just the beginning of recruiting Davis to the Lakers.

LeBron has always dropped hints before making moves. He did it this offseason with his decision to join the Los Angeles Lakers. He did it when he went back to Cleveland. The same rings true with the rumors surrounding Davis and his uncertain future. When LeBron’s hand is involved, it’s like a magic wand — amazing things happen.

Think about it.

There’s nothing for Davis with the Pelicans. New Orleans is currently thirteenth in the Western Conference and Davis is not getting any younger. Mix in the fact that the NBA is more about mobility and branding as a player than it is about the team and franchise. It’s a simple math equation. Lebron and the Los Angeles Lakers equate to an NBA player’s dream scenario.

King James’ stunt is simply an open hint for us to prepare ourselves for Davis’ addition to the Lakers, whether that be this year or next. Get ready for that magic wand to be waved.

Take Advantage of Your Opportunities

Patriots’ wideout, Josh Gordon, broke the news yesterday that he would be stepping away from football to focus on his mental health. Later a report indicated that Gordon violated his reinstatement which led to his indefinite suspension from the NFL.

Gordon’s career in the NFL serves an important reminder that should be kept in the forefront of everyone’s minds. How you treat your opportunities will either change you or it will plateau you as an individual.

From personal experience, the opportunities I have taken advantage of have changed the way I think, act and ultimately has shaped who I have become. On the flip side, missed opportunities or ones I have overlooked have led me to regret, stunted growth and wishful thinking.

Let us all learn from Gordon’s NFL career and choices. Take advantage of your opportunities, don’t let your opportunities take advantage of you.

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