Flack Friday: Rookie Quarterbacks, Stats and Beards

Flack Friday: Rookie Quarterbacks, Stats and Beards

Photo Credit: Erik Drost https://www.flickr.com/photos/62091376@N03/29350721987

If you would’ve told me that Baker Mayfield, Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen and Josh Allen would all be starting by week four I would’ve laughed at you.

Nonetheless here we are four weeks into the season and we have four quarterbacks from the first round starting at quarterback. Let me share my thoughts on each one.

Baker Mayfield’s start makes sense to me—kind of. The fact that Tyrod Taylor managed to get hurt and Mayfield came in and lead the Browns to their first win doesn’t surprise me. Mayfield has that swagger, and he’ll be a franchise quarterback for the Browns. Starting Mayfield at quarterback feels a bit premature, and more of a John Dorsey move, but it’s not like they were going to win the Super Bowl anyways. Also, I feel bad that Taylor can’t seem to find a job in the NFL that suits him because I do believe he is a solid option at quarterback. Maybe a trade with the 49ers? We’ll see.

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Sam Darnold was going to be the number one option for the Jets this year. Darnold was the best quarterback in the draft and the Jets needed to show something exciting at the quarterback position. The last time the Jets had any excitement at the position was Mark Sanchez’s “butt-fumble.” Darnold starting makes sense to me.

Josh Rosen was the second best available quarterback from this year’s draft. I was certain that Sam Bradford would be a great fit for Rosen to learn from and prepare to be the franchise guy. Much like stepping on a lego, Bradford has been unbearably painful to watch. I’ll be curious to see Rosen and how he plays this weekend. It’s going to be hard to judge Rosen because Arizona’s coaching staff has proven to be no better than a 13-year-old choosing plays on Madden. Best of luck, Josh.

Josh Allen is also somewhat of a surprise. I don’t believe a lot of people thought Nathan Peterman was a valid option. I only needed last year to make that observation. Also, I’m still seeking an explanation to the AJ McCarron trade. Allen surprised the league as he literally hurdled the Minnesota Vikings last week in an unexpected win. I don’t think his success lasts long as I don’t see the Bills as a good fit for him to grow. But I’ve been wrong before.

Something to Think About

Here are some interesting stats to think about this weekend.

The Rock Springs Tigers have not won a road game in Gillette since 2001. That’s a 16-year streak. I’m certain it ends tonight as the Tigers have the advantage over a winless Camels team. Check the score out if nothing else.

Tom Brady is 27-1 in divisional home games. The 1-2 Patriots play the 3-0 Dolphins at home on Sunday. I think we might see that record drop to 27-2 for Brady.

Homework Assignment

Does everyone remember Lovie Smith? He disappeared after the Chicago Bears job. I found him. Please go search “Lovie Smith beard.”

No he is not delivering Christmas presents. He’s actually the head coach for the University of Illinois and his beard is the assistant.

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