Flooding Closes Pinedale’s New Fork Boater Access Temporarily


PINEDALE – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has temporarily closed the Airport Public Access Area on the New Fork River due to flooding and road damage.

The Mesa Public Access Area on the New Fork River south of Pinedale remains open, but floaters are advised that they will not be able to have a vehicle at the Airport Public Access Area, which is the next downstream pull out.

The Airport Public Access Area will remain closed until the water recedes and Game & Fish crews are able to make the necessary repairs to the roads, parking areas and boat ramp.

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The Wyoming Game and Fish advises people to not float area rivers until they have receded.

There are several bridges and barbed wire fences crossing the New Fork and other local rivers that can be quite hazardous in these conditions.

There may be additional unexpected obstructions such as downed trees, debris, etc. in the water that can be dangerous as well.

Game and Fish officials will announce the reopening of the public access area when the work is complete.