Food Bank Seeking Donations to Meet Increasing Demand this Spring

Food Bank Seeking Donations to Meet Increasing Demand this Spring

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The Food Bank of Sweetwater County is reaching out to the community for donations this spring, after seeing an unexpected demand in February.

Food Bank of Sweetwater County Executive Director Kathy Siler said that the food bank saw a 29% increase in patrons in February from the previous year. In February 2024, the food bank distributed food to 2,258 individuals, compared to 1,751 individuals in February 2023.

“We receive support but I would call this a rare increase,” Siler said. “Food costs are skyrocketing and more people are having difficulty making ends meet. This means there is a greater need for our services than just a year ago.”

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While everyone thinks of the food bank during the holiday season in November and December, not as many people donate in the spring.

“Donations are typically down during the spring months compared to the holiday season,” Siler said.

Even though the food bank still needs more support, Siler said they are still receiving produce tracks from Food Bank of Wyoming, and they receive monthly USDA Commodity trucks from Food Bank of Wyoming. Additionally, Wyoming Hunger Initiative assisted with a grant for Pantry Replenishment, which will help the food bank secure even more items to meet the increased demand.

Siler said there will also be some food drives that community members can look out for in the next month or two.

Those who are interested in donating to the food bank can do so by making non-perishable food donations directly to the food bank, or through monetary donations. Payments should be made out to Food Bank of Sweetwater County and sent to 90 Center St., Rock Springs, WY 82901, or electronic donations can be made at