Fuss Wins GRHS Male Athlete of the Year

Fuss Wins GRHS Male Athlete of the Year

Jochob Fuss, Brayden Flack photo

GREEN RIVER — Green River High School (GRHS) senior Jachob Fuss was recently named the 2021 GRHS Male Athlete of the Year.

Each school in the southwest district nominated a male and female athlete for the district’s athlete of the year award. Nominees for the awards were judged based on academic and athletic performance along with displays of leadership.

Throughout Fuss’ high school career, he has played football, basketball, and soccer. His favorite of the three sports is basketball.

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“Throughout my time at GRHS I have learned the importance of leadership,” Fuss said. “This has taught me to lead and influence my teammates because of the leadership role I endured. I have also learned the significance of hard work and dedication, I believe that everything is earned and not given.”

Earned he has done. Fuss said that knowing how many great athletes there are at GRHS, winning this award is just a reflection of his time and effort in the classroom and out on the field and court.

Among some of his favorite memories from his time at GRHS are going to the football camp in Colorado, making it to state basketball three years in a row and winning a regional and conference title and placing at the state soccer tournament.

Fuss plans to attend school this coming fall, but he is unsure where. He plans to pursue his dream of earning an engineering degree.