Game and Fish Rescues Fawn Snagged in Fencing

Game and Fish Rescues Fawn Snagged in Fencing

Wyoming Game and Fish Photo.

PINEDALE — On this day at work, Pinedale Habitat Biologist Troy Fieseler just happened to be in the right place at the right time.

In the morning Fieseler had walked through this particular area north of Cokeville to set up a monitoring site for a planned vegetation treatment.

On his way back out in the afternoon, while closing a gate he heard a faint “jingle” in the fence and thought he saw the grass move a bit. He decided to investigate and found a newborn mule deer fawn that had gotten stuck in the fence.

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Fieseler was able to untangle the youngster and carefully placed it in a shady spot. While walking away he watched as the fawn jumped up and ran away but into another old piece of woven wire fence that happened to be nearby.

Fieseler came to the rescue a second time and while he was untangling the fawn he noticed a doe deer had come over the hill to watch. He figured it was the fawn’s mother based on its keen interest in what was going on.

Fieseler then carried the fawn in the direction of the doe and released it a good distance away from any fencing.

By the time Troy had gotten back to his truck he saw that the doe had collected the fawn and left the area.

Fieseler’s take home message was just how valuable wildlife friendly fencing is for these animals and the importance of removing old fencing that is no longer needed.