Genesis Alkali Donates Food to Local Food Banks and Organizations

Genesis Alkali Donates Food to Local Food Banks and Organizations

The Rock Springs Football team sent ~ 20 volunteers to help off load trucks, separate food, reload vehicles and offloading at the donation sites. Courtesy photo

Genesis Alkali made a generous donation of food and supplies to local food banks and other organizations in Sweetwater County on Monday, July 1. Food and supplies had been ordered in advance as part of the company’s preparations to ensure business continuity in the run up to negotiating a new contract with its labor union. 

Genesis Alkali was pleased it reached an agreement Sunday evening with the United Steel Workers Union, Local 13214, on a new five-year contract. To benefit the community, the company made arrangements to quickly donate food, paper plates, cutlery, and personal hygiene items that would no longer be needed, some of which were perishable.

Food and supplies were donated to the following Food Banks and organizations in Rock Springs and Green River:

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Rock Spring Food Bank

Green River Food Bank

Boys and Girls Club – RKS

Young at Heart Senior Center- RKS

Soup Kitchen -RKS

Golden Hour Senior Center – GR

Rock Springs Youth Home

Victim Advocacy Center – RKS

In addition, United Rentals donated a forklift and pallet jack for the day and saved 4-5 hours of hand-unloading the five trucks. The Rock Springs High School football team also sent 20 volunteers to help offload trucks, separate food, reload vehicles and offload at the donation sites. There were another 20 community volunteers who assisted in the effort.

Genesis received messages from groups who received the donations…

Wow what a great day. A big shout and thanks to Genesis for thinking of the community. I know on our end, what we received today was spectacular and will be helpful. Thanks to Kathy and the food bank for allowing us to do a total takeover. Thanks to the Football players for helping everyone, without them there it would have taken double the time. 

Boys and Girls Club of Sweetewater County

Thanks to everyone for rallying and getting this done today you are all awesome!

Rock Springs Football Booster Club

Thank you Genesis this really helped the soup kitchen . Also thanks to the food bank, the football team and everyone else for making today go so well. It’s going to help so many people in the community.

Soup Kitchen

Thank you, Genesis! Golden Hour Senior Center appreciates your generous donation. Our Home Delivered Meal Program has been struggling and this will be a huge help.

Gold Hour Senior Center

The Youth Home thanks you do much for your generous donation!

Rock Springs Youth Home

Thank you Genesis and we at the Food Bank are so happy this will help so many! What a great collaboration with Genesis and the agencies!

Food Bank of Sweetwater County

Rock Springs Young at Heart is deeply grateful for the generosity that was shown today. The items we were able to acquire will make a huge impact on our aging community. ♡ Thank you to the Food Bank! You are always kind to GHSC.  So grateful to be in a community that helps each other out!

Rock Springs Young at Heart