Get to Know Kari’s Access Awards and Influence a Life

Get to Know Kari’s Access Awards and Influence a Life

Whether you’re a parent, a teacher, a counselor, or an engaged community member – you’re in a position to influence a life.

We’re not sure if you know about Kari’s Access Awards and the opportunities they provide to students who might need a little extra assistance and may also benefit from personal enrichment outside of the classroom.

If you know a student like that, we’d love to help them out.

Kari’s Access Awards is an Endowment Fund started by Larry Fusselman, within the Sweetwater One Public School Foundation, that was established in 2006 in memory of his daughter Kari (Kay) Fusselman, a former student at Westridge Elementary, White Mountain Junior High, and Rock Springs High School.

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Their focus is in helping individual School District #1 students (K thru 12) access non-traditional scholarships that give them an opportunity to participate in outside activities that will enhance learning and personal growth. The fund was designed to open new opportunities for individual students to help bring out the best of each student “One Child At A Time”!

Since inception, Kari’s Access Awards has gifted to over 400+ students of Sweetwater County School District #1!

Some examples of nontraditional scholarships given in the past include: financial assistance for school-related or educational trips, purchase of athletic gear or related fees, musical instrument rental and loans, fees for after-school programs, and also assistance for other items related to personal enrichment or activities.

It’s easy to help. All we ask is to keep us in mind when you know of a student whom you think needs the assistance.

For a student to apply, they just need a parent/guardian or teacher/counselor to fill out the application and send it to our volunteer committee for approval. Applications are reviewed and fulfilled based on a set criteria of attendance, grades, and need.