Governor: Coal is Part of Our Future

Governor: Coal is Part of Our Future

CHEYENNE – Governor Matt Mead released the following statement regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal on carbon emissions from existing power plants:

“The EPA has been taking a heavy-handed approach with its regulations, attempting to interfere with state primacy over environmental programs and the coal industry. We will examine this latest proposal – all 650 pages – closely. While we hope the EPA has taken a reasonable approach, if it has not, we will take steps to fight for coal.

“I believe in innovation that leads to improvements in every type of power production. Unreasonable regulations result in fewer jobs, higher electricity bills, less manufacturing and lack of improvements.

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“Wyoming is the leading coal producer in the nation, coal produces approximately 85% of our power and we export electricity to many other states. We are proud of that and of the coal mines and coal miners that make that happen. Coal, clean air, water, and a robust economy are all parts of our future, as they are parts of our present. Wyoming is proof that this balance is achievable. The federal government does not have the same track record and should follow Wyoming’s success and leadership on energy in all ways, but especially when proposing rules and regulations.”

-From a press release issued by the Governor’s Office