Governor Gordon, First Lady Address Wyomingites

Governor Gordon, First Lady Address Wyomingites

CHEYENNE — Governor Mark Gordon and First Lady Jennie Gordon, took to social media to put out a public message Thursday evening to inform Wyomingites about the efforts the state is taking against the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus.)

Gordon said the decision he had to make today, was a difficult one for him since he’s a small business owner.

“Let me begin tonight by talking a little bit about the order that I issued today which closes bars, restaurants, any place that gathers more than 10 people,” Gov. Gordon said.

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“This is really hard because these are the restaurants that employ the waiters, the waitresses, the cooks, that really depend on those jobs,” Gordon said. “It’s really hard because these are the businesses that we count on to make our communities whole. Make them the places that people love to be.”

These businesses will be closed for 15 days in accordance with President Donald Trump’s directives today.

First Lady Gordon asked for communities to practice social distancing to keep those who are more at risk safe.

“Working in a rural hospital for many years, I know how overwhelming it can be when you have a lot of sick patients…,” the First Lady said.

“It can go from a very small wave to a very large wave and that can overwhelm these rural hospitals,” she said.

They are doing more testing in the country and there are going to be more cases in Wyoming.

“Don’t go to the store, if you don’t need to,” First Lady Gordon said.

She encouraged residents not to hoard groceries and to think about others who are in need.

“I think it’s important that we all be thoughtful about taking what we need and only what we need,” Gov. Gordon said.

Gordon said his first wife, Sally, was out running and was hit.

“My daughters were 4 and 2. Sally died that day. And so I remember how challenging that time was. To be a single dad with two daughters, 4 and 2,” Gov. Gordon said. “And I know how hard it is to work when your kids at are home. And how hard it is to have child care.”

“I know that these are challenging circumstances. We’ve closed the schools,” Gov. Gordon said.

If residents can telecommute, they should. He said those who can’t, such as police officers, firefighters and emergency responders, should be thanked by residents for their service.

Watch the press conference in its entirety.

First Lady’s Task Force

First Lady Gordon said she the Wyoming Hunger Initiative, which is run out of the First Lady’s office, was brought forth to help those who are hungry and in need. Because of that, the First Lady is setting up a First Lady’s Task Force to work on those issues.

“There are so many folks now that are going to probably be utilizing those food banks and pantries that haven’t been using (them) before,” First Lady Gordon said.

The task force has contacted the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, after-school programs and nonprofits to make sure those folks have what they need, she said