Governor Mead to Challenge Clean Power Plan Final Rule

Governor Mead to Challenge Clean Power Plan Final Rule

CHEYENNE – Governor Matt Mead has directed the Attorney General to join a coalition of states in challenging the EPA’s Clean Power Plan rule, which was published in the Federal Register Friday morning and therefore finalized. The final rule imposes a 44% carbon emission reduction requirement on Wyoming – more than doubling the 19% reduction in the agency’s proposed rule.

Today, Wyoming joined 23 states in asking the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit to review and strike down the rule. The coalition of states, in a separate filing, will request the D.C. Circuit to issue a stay of the rule. A stay would halt any implementation of the Clean Power Plan during litigation.

“I have said from the get-go that this rule is legally and scientifically flawed. We do not believe EPA has the authority for this rule,” said Governor Mead. “The fact that the agency more than doubled the damage to Wyoming in the final rule shows arbitrary and capricious action.”

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Wyoming will also independently file a petition with EPA to reconsider the rule in light of state- specific issues.