Governor’s Water Strategy Protects Wyoming’s Water for Generations to Come

Governor’s Water Strategy Protects Wyoming’s Water for Generations to Come

CHEYENNE – Governor Matt Mead released Wyoming’s Water Strategy today. The Water Strategy was developed with the input of Wyoming people who were part of nine meetings held in communities across the state.

The Strategy contains ten initiatives put forward by local elected leaders, tribal representatives, interested groups, and individual citizens. More than seven thousand individuals commented on the Water Strategy, in person, through email, or by survey responses. The Water Strategy is the start of development, planning, and implementation for the final ten initiatives and mirrors the approach used in Governor Mead’s 2013 Energy Strategy.

“Water is Wyoming’s most important natural resource,” said Governor Mead. “We must develop and protect Wyoming’s water for Wyoming now and for our children and grandchildren.”

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The Water Strategy’s ten initiatives cover areas of water management, development, protection, conservation and restoration.  The initiatives build on existing programs, efforts, and infrastructure. Over the next year the detailed plans to achieve these initiatives will be developed. These plans will be specific, measurable, and attainable – with milestones and deliverables. 

“We will continue to seek critical input to help complete the tasks at hand from groups and individuals across Wyoming,” said Mead. “Water is tied to everything we do in Wyoming. It is tied to everything we have done, and it is tied to everything we will do. The time for action is now. This strategy moves us forward.”

An electronic copy of the Water Strategy will be available later today at