GR City Council Recognizes Local Teen for Congressional Award

GR City Council Recognizes Local Teen for Congressional Award

Lily Harris was recognized by the Green River City Council Wednesday night for earning the Congressional Award. SweetwaterNOW photo

GREEN RIVER — Local teenager Lily Sunshine Harris recently earned the Congressional Award and the Green River City Council presented her with a plaque during its Wednesday night meeting to celebrate her achievements.

According to the Congressional Award website, the award “recognizes initiative, service, and achievement in America’s youth.” Harris explained that there are four pillars youth must accomplish to earn the award, including voluntary public service, personal development, physical fitness, and expedition and exploration.

While youth can choose to earn either a gold, silver, or bronze awards, Harris decided to do all three. She earned a 2023 Gold Medal Congressional Award, 2022 Silver Congressional Award, and a 2021 Bronze Congressional Award.

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“There was a minimum amount of time that you could complete all this and that was two years, so I did that. The fastest you could do,” Harris said.

Each pillar has its own requirements such as a certain number of hours of service. Some of the things she did to earn these awards included visiting the homeless and knitting hats and scarves for children with cancer and the homeless.

She said that for the expedition and exploration pillar she was required to plan an overnight stay somewhere for five nights and six days.

“I chose to go backpacking, so that was really cool,” she said.

For personal development, she said she learned to play an instrument and picked up the sport of wrestling.

“I spent a lot of time on those two,” Harris said.

To earn the fitness pillar, she worked out in a gym for one hour each day and ran a lot. Mayor Pete Rust also noted that Harris planted flowers around Green River in which he saw her planting all day long.

Council Member Gary Killpack said he has known Harris since she was very young and her parents named her right by giving her the middle name “Sunshine”.

“You truly are a shining example to our community, so thank you so much for what you’ve done,” Killpack said.

Other Business

The Council unanimously approved the Engineering Department of Public Works’ request to apply for a WYDOT Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) grant to make the ADA improvements in front of Monroe Elementary and in front of Lincoln Middle School.

The improvements will be made to the intersections to facilitate the movement of wheelchair-bound and other mobility-impaired residents. These areas have been selected based on their proximity to schools in the community and housing areas that serve young families, older adults, and individuals with disabilities. 

According to meeting documents, TAP is a 90.49/9.51 grant, so the city’s portion would be $25,737. Funds would come from designated grant match line items. 

The Council also unanimously approved to reappoint Chris Meats to the Joint Powers Telecommunications Board for a three-year term beginning July 4, 2023 and expiring June 30, 2026.