GR Fire Department Completes Annual Fire Hose Testing

GR Fire Department Completes Annual Fire Hose Testing

GREEN RIVER — Ask any firefighter, and they will tell you one of the toughest parts of the job is the annual fire hose testing, according to the Green River Volunteer Fire Department (GRFD). This was the task completed last night by the GRFD.

GRFD Co-Chief Bill Robinson said annual hose testing is a NFPA 1962 guideline requirement that assures all fire hoses that are in service, regardless of size, shall be tested every 12 months and meet the minimum requirements stated for that type of line. He said hoses are required to hold pressure for 3 minutes and some to 5 minutes with no leaks, coupler slippage, and or damage.

Robinson said in Green River, firefighters complete this procedure by shutting down a portion of Hitching Post directly in front of the Glen Hill Fire Station for about 4 to 5 hours and do not stop until all hoses are checked and approved and placed back into service or removed from service.

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Robinson concluded by saying the Fire Department would like to thank all the residents who understand that the road needs to shut down for this and support our firefighters in their mission.