Granger Boy Scout Earns Eagle Scout Rank

Granger Boy Scout Earns Eagle Scout Rank

Boy Scout Troop 312 member Daniel Ames enjoys his Eagle Scout pinning ceremony. Courtesy photo

GREEN RIVER —It was almost one year ago when Green River High School senior and Boy Scout Troop 312 member Daniel Ames was trying to decide what project to complete to obtain the Eagle Scout rank.

For Ames, he just wanted to help people. Then, he recalled how his grandmother would donate clothing and food to the Wind River Reservation. He knew at once that is what he was going to do to earn the rank.

Ames decided to gather as much food as he could and deliver it to the reservation prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas. This way, families would have enough to eat around the holidays. He also wanted to make sure the food was delivered before the snow really started to stick around, which could hinder travel plans.

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Ames not only asked other troops to help with food collection, but he asked both of the Green River and Rock Springs communities to help with donations.

Over the course of a week in November of 2020, Ames and his volunteers gathered more than 700 pounds of food. Even though the project itself only took a week, Ames said the planning took at least two months.

Ames originally wanted to collect clothing and food like his grandmother had done in the past, however, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he could only collect food.

Throughout the process, I realized not every household gets what they need from clothing to food.

~ Daniel Ames

That’s not all Ames learned. When he went to drop off the food donations at the reservation he couldn’t believe how differently other people live. He said a lot residents were in older trailers that were in need of repairs. He said the whole experience was a real eye-opening moment for him.

Even though Ames completed the project last year, he wants to continue collecting donations and taking them to the reservation. Ames said even if it’s only enough to help one family, it’s worth it.

“I plan on continuing this almost every year,” Ames said about the collection of donations.

During Ames recent Eagle Scout pinning ceremony, he made sure to give one pin to Marco Rubeck’s wife. Rubeck passed away before Ames could give the pin to him.

“He was there for me. He was the one who got me where I am today,” Ames said.

Ames has been in the Boy Scouts for the last nine years. He started out in Cub Scouts, made his way to Boy Scouts, and worked hard to become a Senior Patrol Leader. Ames said he may need to drive from Granger every Tuesday for meetings, but it’s definitely worth it because he learns something new every week.