Green River Cancels Flaming Gorge Days 2023

Green River Cancels Flaming Gorge Days 2023

GREEN RIVER — The City of Green River announced the cancellation of the Flaming Gorge Days 2023 event, which was scheduled to take place this month.

Flaming Gorge Days is organized by a dedicated committee comprised of the URA Main Street Director and a group of volunteer residents and business leaders. This event has a long history in Green River and was revived in 2022 after being canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In recent weeks, it has come to light that several essential plans for the event were not completed. The City engaged with former committee members to assess the possibility of organizing a scaled down version of the event for the weekend. However, upon evaluation, it was concluded that it would be best to forgo holding the event this year.

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Efforts have been made to communicate with individuals and organizations who had committed to participating in Flaming Gorge Days, as well as those interested in sponsoring and volunteering for future events. The City expressed its regret regarding the cancellation and appreciates the support and interest from those who have expressed a desire to be involved in the committee’s future activities. An update will be provided in August to initiate the planning process for Flaming Gorge Days 2024.

For vendors and sponsors who have submitted applications and have inquiries, call 307-872-6131.