Green River Eagle Scout Cleans Up Walkway Bridge

Green River Eagle Scout Cleans Up Walkway Bridge

Elijah Kropf and his team of volunteers cleaned and painted the walkway bridge in downtown Green River for his Eagle Scout project. Courtesy photo

GREEN RIVER — The walkway bridge that crosses over the rail yard in downtown Green River received a revamp thanks to Troop 312 Eagle Scout Elijah Kropf.

Kropf achieved the rank of an Eagle Scout on August 7 after he completed his service project. He got the idea to paint the bridge after he approached the Green River Parks and Recreation Department to see if they had anything he could do for them.

“They said they were planning to have the bridge over the railroad painted at some point and I volunteered, which helped both of us out,” Kropf said.

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The City of Green River provided a $400 grant for supplies, which included paint, rollers, scrapers, sponges, and buckets to prep, clean up and paint the sides of the walkway bridge. The bridge was riddled with graffiti, according to Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 312 Matt Rushing.

“With his leadership and help from several volunteers he was able to lead his team and finish the project in about five hours,” Rushing said.

Rushing said the Eagle Scout project is designed to teach Scouts how to plan, prepare, lead and execute a service project. According to Kropf, it took him less than two months to complete the vision, organization, recruitment, and the project itself.

“While we were up there he was already seeing and hearing the benefits of his chosen project because several members of the community that were using the bridge that day made it a point to stop and thank him and the team for cleaning up and covering the graffiti,” Rushing said.

Rushing said that one man who expressed his pride in Kropf for the project was an Eagle Scout himself, having earned his rank in 1973.

Kropf said it meant a lot to him to be able to organize and execute this project, as it proved to himself what he’s capable of.

“Completing the project meant that anyone can help out their community if they put in the time and effort. I mean, I’m just a kid. The fact I was able to paint an entire bridge meant a lot to me,” Kropf said.

Rushing said he really liked Kropf’s chosen project, as he felt it was a great benefit to the community. Additionally, Kropf did a great job in leading his team and ensuring everyone’s spirits were up. According to Rushing, Kropf made sure the younger Scouts and volunteers were doing well, staying hydrated, and provided everyone with pizza and refreshments.

“Members of Troop 312, both past and present, are extremely proud of Elijah’s project and hard work,” Rushing said. “We hope that our community enjoys the work he put into his project.”