Green River Fishing Club Wants to Hook More Students

Green River Fishing Club Wants to Hook More Students

Members of the new Green River High School Fishing Club gather for a photo at Flaming Gorge Reservoir. Courtesy photo

GREEN RIVER — The newly formed Green River High School (GRHS) Fishing Club has not only had its first meeting, but a fishing field trip to Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

GRHS teacher and avid fisherman, Dan Parson had the idea of creating a fishing club last year. However, the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic had other plans and as school closed across the country, Parson put his idea on hold.

After schools reopened this fall, Parson decided it was time to make his fishing club idea a reality. He approached GRHS’s school administration about the idea and they were in support of it. After a few announcements were made at school, Parson hosted an informational meeting about what the club would do and what kind of field trips the club would take.

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The club will be ran just like any other school sponsored event or activity and students who want to participate will need maintain eligibility to participate in this club. Due to these requirements, some of the students who were interested couldn’t go.

“Hopefully, it will motivate them to get grades up for next time around,” Parson said.

The First Trip

During the club’s first field trip, 18 students fished along the shore of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir near the Buckboard Marina.

“Right now we are starting small and trying to build it,” Parson said.

Prior to fishing, the students learned about the history of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir and the area around it.

The group plans to take another fishing trip in the fall and then host some type of event in the winter.

Expanding The Program

Parson would like to get a good core group going and then start expanding it. To make this all possible, Parson reached out for help.

“We’ve partnered with Trout Unlimited and we are working on getting gear donated so that kids who don’t have fishing equipment can go,” Parson said. “This time we had to limit it to those students who already had their own stuff.”

The whole goal is to introduce fishing and the outdoors to more kids.

“In my humble opinion, not enough kids are out enjoying everything we have to offer in Southwest Wyoming,” Parson said.

Parson said he has realized there are kids who are interested in fishing, but don’t have an adult in their life who knows who to teach them.

“Fishing, after all, is a life time hobby,” Parson said. “It keeps you active. It keeps you out. It’s something you can do your whole life.”