Green River High School Welders Compete in In-House Contest

Green River High School Welders Compete in In-House Contest

Pictured from left to right are: Carlton DeWick from WWCC, Terry Nielson, GRHS Assistant Welding Instructor, first place winner Brogan Yost, Rosie Gotfredson from WWCC, and Tom Wilson, GRHS Welding Instructor. Photo courtesy of Nancy Rider

GREEN RIVER — The Green River High School welding program, in cooperation with Western Wyoming Community College, held its first In-House Welding Contest last week, in which students competed and even received scholarships.

Students from the Advanced Welding Classes were eligible to compete. The event was held April 29 and 30, and consisted of a written portion and a practical weld out examination. 

The written exam was administered on Thursday, April 29 and involved 115 general welding knowledge questions and fifteen questions regarding print reading and fabrication.

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The practical exam took place on Friday, April 30 where the students were provided four rough cut stock items and a blueprint. They had three hours to complete the practical weld out. The completed practical was judged on layout, instructional accuracy and weld quality. 

The written portion and the practical welding scores were combined equally to determine a winner.

The top five finishers in the in-house welding competition were Brogan Yost, Eli Thomas, Branson Barton, Bruce King, and JJ Scott. Photo courtesy of Nancy Rider

The top five places in the written exam were:

  • Bruce King: 96
  • Ciara York: 94
  • Brogan Yost: 93
  • JJ Scott: 93
  • Kelton Seiller: 92

The top six places (tie for 5th) in the practical exam were:

  • Brogan Yost: 96
  • Branston Barton: 88
  • Eli Thomas: 88
  • Bruce King: 81
  • JJ Scott: 81

The top five places overall – Combined Score

  • Brogan Yost: 189
  • Eli Thomas: 184
  • Branson Barton: 183
  • Bruce King: 177
  • JJ Scott: 174
Brogan Yost with his $1,000 scholarship check. Photo courtesy of Nancy Rider

The top three placers in the overall category received scholarships provided by Western Wyoming Community College. First place winner Brogan Yost received $1,000. Second place finisher Eli Thomas received $750, and Branson Barton received $500 for third place.

Other prizes were also donated by Airgas Welding Supply of Rock Springs.