Green River Native Appointed as UW Archivist and Historian

Green River Native Appointed as UW Archivist and Historian

LARAMIE — Green River native John Waggener has been appointed as the new university archivist and historian at the University of Wyoming’s American Heritage Center (AHC).

In his new role, Waggener will assist UW administration, colleges, departments, organizations and clubs with properly preserving the records of the university’s history and with maintaining operational records according to UW’s retention schedule.

Additionally, he is available to aid faculty and staff members and other individuals connected to UW with preserving personal papers, photographs, research notes and other important documents that may have historic significance.

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While there has been a university archivist for many decades, the position now has been tailored to include a historical research component, AHC Director Paul Flesher says.

Waggener’s scholarly engagement will focus on UW’s history and will include writing blogs and articles; creating exhibitions; and conducting oral history interviews.

A native of Green River, Waggener is a UW alumnus with a bachelor’s degree in education and a minor in geography, as well as a master’s degree in geography. Several summer internship opportunities at various Wyoming museums shaped his journey, ultimately leading him to UW’s AHC, where he joined the faculty as a reference archivist in September 2001.

Waggener brings a lifelong fondness for and knowledge of UW to the position and feels honored to be the university’s archivist and historian.

“While I would not go so far as to call him a fanatic, John is a Cowboys fan — a passionate, lifelong Cowboys fan,” Flesher says. “In this new position, he gets to expand his passion to the entire campus to assist the UW community in preserving and recording its history.”

For more information about university archives and preserving UW’s history, call Waggener at (307) 766-2563 or email