Green River Officials Address Questions About Mulch Piles

Green River Officials Address Questions About Mulch Piles

Longhorn Construction is almost finished clearing the debris pile that resulted from the September storm that caused more $1 million in damage around Green River.

GREEN RIVER — Green River city officials have been fielding a number of questions about the mulch piles created from cleanup as a result of the unseasonable storm back in September.

On September 8, 2020, the City of Green River experienced a massive wind storm that damaged and uprooted hundreds of trees around the town.  As a community, residents came together in the weeks and months that followed to help each other clean up, and the Rodeo Grounds became a central depository for the green waste debris generated by that storm. 

“This location was ideal in that it was big enough to accommodate over a dozen trucks unloading at a time,” said city public information officer Stever Core. 

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Core thanked residents for keeping this temporary green waste location free from trash because that has made processing the green waste a much cleaner operation.

However the debris can’t stay at the Rodeo Grounds forever, so the city contracted with Longhorn Construction to process the debris and haul it to the closed landfill for stockpiling. Longhorn’s contract allows them to be paid for how much mulch goes across the transfer station scale, so it’s important that residents let them complete their work at the Rodeo Grounds, Core said.

He added that work at the Rodeo Grounds will be finishing soon, so the location will no longer be available for dropping off green waste. City officials are asking that all green waste should now be taken to the transfer station or placed in curbside green waste bins. 

“Please remember that green waste is free to drop at the transfer station, and please keep your curbside green waste can free from trash,” Core encouraged residents. “Material from the curbside green waste cans goes to the same uses as the Rodeo Grounds mulch.”

The City plans to use the mulch for future projects such as erosion control and reclamation of bare ground on different projects. Much of the material will also be composted with the horse manure from the municipal corrals.

That process will take time to achieve a good composted product, Core said, “but we eventually want to make that material available to the residents of the community.”

In the meantime, the City will begin making aged manure that has been composting available this spring.  There is also a stockpile of mulched green debris at the Riverview Cemetery, and that material is available for residents now. This area is located just to the right prior to entering the cemetery.

Residents are free to take as much as they want. Depending on demand, the City may also be able to make additional material available this

“While no one wanted the Labor Day storm that generated so much green waste material, we at the City are trying to make the best of the situation by planning ways that the material can be reused to make Green River an even better place to live,” Core said. “Thank you for keeping the City clean and green.”