Green River Resident Brings Forth Christmas Tree and Tire Disposal Concerns

Green River Resident Brings Forth Christmas Tree and Tire Disposal Concerns

GREEN RIVER– A Green River man brought forth his concerns over the city’s Christmas tree and tire disposal at last night’s Green River City Council meeting.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Resident Kevin Kinney asked the council if there was going to be a convenient place to take Christmas trees for disposal, as last year, he recalled having to drive to the top of the landfill to dispose of them.

At this time of year in 2017, it was a transitional period, in which the landfill was closing and Wyoming Waste Systems was taking over.

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Public Works Director Mark Westenskow said this year, residents will be able to drop their trees off at the transfer station, where Wyoming Waste Systems will be collecting them for a future composting project.

Tire Disposal

Kinney also expressed concerns over disposing of tires, which used to be a service the city provided. With Wyoming Waste Systems now responsible for the city’s solid waste, tire disposal is no longer a service provided to residents.

Kinney suggested the city work with a tire business to ensure tires are disposed of properly.

Westenskow said the city does not have a high enough volume of tires needing to be disposed of to bring that type of service in. He said it is up to Wyoming Waste Systems or other local businesses to decide if they would like to bring that service to the city.

Mayor Pete Rust said maybe a local business will see tire disposal as an opportunity and will take on this service.