Green River Student Takes Fourth in State-Wide Mathcounts Competition

Green River Student Takes Fourth in State-Wide Mathcounts Competition

Bekalyn Swett, left, a student at Lincoln Middle School took fourth place in the Wyoming State Mathcounts competition. She’s accompanied by Coach Dogan Gunduz. (Lincoln Middle School Photo)

LARAMIE — Green River Lincoln Middle School student Bekalyn Swett came in fourth during the Wyoming State Mathcounts competition hosted by the University of Wyoming.

The competition, which took place virtually March 31, featured 19 students from 12 schools from around the state. The event is open to sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students. This year’s participants competed individually instead of in teams.

Ashley Olson, of Carey Junior High School in Cheyenne, took home first-place individual honors, Henry McGuire, of Cheyenne’s McCormick Junior High School, took second; Sofia Furman, also of Carey Junior High School, placed third; and Bekalyn Swett, of Green River’s Lincoln Middle School, garnered fourth place.

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The top four individual winners formed the Wyoming State Mathcounts team and earned the opportunity to represent Wyoming at the national competition May 8-9 in Washington, D.C. The students were accompanied by Kami Whitlock, who coached the Carey Junior High School team.

“The Mathcounts Competition Series is a great opportunity for students to build confidence, find relevance in math and improve problem-solving skills,” said Cindy Jones, state Mathcounts coordinator in the UW College of Engineering and Applied Science.