Green River Submits Grant to Help Fund Mosquito Control Program

Green River Submits Grant to Help Fund Mosquito Control Program

GREEN RIVER — The Green River City Council unanimously approved the submission of a grant application to help pay for the city’s mosquito control program.

The Wyoming Emergency Insect Management Program (WEIMP) is a 50/50 grant with the purpose of providing supplemental help in managing emergency outbreaks of insect pests for the protection of human health and safety. The city’s portion will be $7,500 for the 50/50 match. Funding for the grant is already included in the existing budget.

Green River Parks and Recreation Director Brad Raney said the city has been successful for the last three years with this grant.

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“This is essentially something we’d spend money on anyways and we’re getting money to help offset that money that we’re spending,” Raney said.

The grant helps pay for part-time staff to run the fogger, according to Raney.

For the program, the city has been required to gather data and numbers, and Raney said it has made the process more scientific and cost-effective.

“There’s kind of a cumbersome component of counting mosquitos and they trained us to do that, and we’ve been able to be more effective with when and how we go about combatting mosquitos,” he said.

The application deadline for the grant was last week, so Raney said the application has already been submitted. The Council’s vote was to approve that submission and allow the Green River Parks and Recreation Department to continue toward securing the grant.

Other Business

The Council also unanimously approved a contract agreement with Lantis Production Inc., for the city’s Fourth of July fireworks display. The contract is for $15,000. Of that total, $7,500 is due upon execution of the contract, while the other $7,500 is due 10 days prior to the show.

A new retail liquor license application was additionally approved by the Council Tuesday night for the Tomahawk Tavern LLC. The license will allow Red White Buffalo to sell alcoholic beverages in their store.