Green River to Declare a State of Emergency due to Late-Summer Storm Damage

Green River to Declare a State of Emergency due to Late-Summer Storm Damage

Workers clean up tree debris on Flaming Gorge Drive Tuesday, September 8. Photo by Olivia Kennah

GREEN RIVER — The City of Green River continues to work on clean up and assessing damage due to the late-summer storm that ravaged the city early last week.

Mayor Pete Rust will declare a Local Disaster/State of Emergency in Green River on Tuesday, September 15, in a proclamation invoking emergency powers in Green River.

“The Mayor of the City of Green River, Wyoming has declared a local disaster/state of emergency on behalf of the City of Green River, the expenditure of emergency funds from all available sources, invoking of mutual aid agreements, and the requesting of assistance from the County of Sweetwater and the State of Wyoming,” the proclamation states.

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Estimates on total damages from insurance companies, Rocky Mountain Power, and other local resources are still being gathered, but officials feel confident that the damages will exceed $1 million.

In other business, the city is deploying street sweepers this week. Additionally, the city has announced that tree and limb drop off at the rodeo grounds will continue until further notice.

The city will be bringing in a grinder to break down the debris at the rodeo grounds and at the Riverview Cemetery. The finished product from the grinding will be used to mix as compost for residents and at the new wastewater plant, as well as for landfill topping.

The city also noted that there has been minimal damage to headstones at the cemetery. Volunteer clean-up days at the cemetery have been announced for September 29 and 30 and October 1. More information on the clean-up days will be released at a later date.