Green River Will Apply for $7.5M ARPA Grant for Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

Green River Will Apply for $7.5M ARPA Grant for Wastewater Treatment Plant Project

GREEN RIVER — After receiving unanimous approval from the Green River City Council Tuesday night, the Green River Public Works Department will apply for an American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) grant from the State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB) for the construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Replacement Facility project.

Ryan Rust, Green River Government Affairs and Grants Manager, said there is $50 million available statewide for a grant program with a max of $7.5 million per grant. The city will be applying for a grant at that full amount.

If approved by SLIB, this grant would cover 17 percent of the currently expected construction costs. Rust added that this grant application will be accompanied by a request to increase the city’s current State Revolving Fund Loans for the project.

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The construction of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant facility could begin in 2023 if the grant is approved. The new facility construction is expected to take approximately two years.

Other Business

The Council voted unanimously to approve Sweetwater County’s petition to vacate a 20-foot alley right-of-way that runs from N 1st Street to Center Street in Block 8 of the Original Town of Green River Plat. The alley has been used, improved and maintained by Sweetwater County since 1965.

Additionally, the Council unanimously approved a Landowner Agreement for the Scott’s Bottom Bank and Habitat Restoration Project. For the last five years, Trout Unlimited has been obtaining grants and raising funds to restore the Riverbank between the FMC Road Bridge and Scott’s Bottom Nature Area. The project will protect the park, stabilize the bridge, and improve fish habitat.

Trout Unlimited has raised enough money to begin construction in the fall.