Green River’s Deer Herd Remains Consistent

Green River’s Deer Herd Remains Consistent

Photo by Joe Riis

GREEN RIVER– The City of Green River did its fourth annual deer count last week, in which they counted 99 deer within city limits.

According to Tom Jarvie, Green River Police Chief, they divided the town up into eight sections so they could count at once and avoid recounting deer as they move into different areas of town.

Jarvie said the deer herd is consistently around 100 deer every year. This is the fourth year they’ve done the count as the highest number was 106. The lowest was 60, but Jarvie believes it was a bad count.

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This year, the most deer were found in Hutton Heights, whereas the previous year it was Indian Hills.

Last year, only two percent of car crashes involved a deer, with four total crashes. The average is 14 crashes involving a deer.

And good news! No deer versus pedestrian accidents have been reported.