Ryan Greene Thanks Wyoming for Supporting Campaign Kickoff

Ryan Greene Thanks Wyoming for Supporting Campaign Kickoff

ROCK SPRINGS — Today, Wyoming Democrat and U.S. House Candidate Ryan Greene issued a press release thanking the Rock Springs and Green River communities and businesses for their show of support at his March 5th campaign kickoff.

Over 250 people came together for the March 5 event, held at Rock Springs’ Bunning Hall.

Rock Springs native Ryan Greene has 18 years of experience in Wyoming’s energy industries; managing labor, welding, and fabrication services for dozens of Wyoming energy producers and mines.

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During his career, he has helped family business Greene’s Energy Services expand from one welding truck in Wyoming’s Jonah Field to a multi-state presence with hundreds of employees working with Wyoming’s natural gas fields, coal and trona mines, and fertilizer plants.

In his remarks, Greene reminded voters of the energy sector downturn and the moratorium on new federal coal leases that hit Wyoming hard in the 1980s. “Wyoming’s problems are nothing new,” Greene stressed. “We’ve had a long time to get our act together. So why haven’t Wyoming’s Congressmen contributed to lasting policy solutions at the federal level?”

In his remarks, Greene challenged Wyoming voters, stating “It has been 40 years since Wyoming sent a Democrat to Congress. Is this really working for Wyoming?”

Wyoming Democrat State Chair Ana Cuprill, former Wyoming State Senator Frank Prevedel, Green River City Councilman Ted Barney, pastor Michael Maynard, and Jonah Field welder Ethan Harris spoke in support of Greene’s campaign. Rock Springs native Brooke Millemon sang the national anthem, and Jared Rogerson of Pinedale provided live music for the event.

-From a campaign press release