GRHS FFA Students Teach at Truman Elementary [PHOTOS]

GRHS FFA Students Teach at Truman Elementary [PHOTOS]

GREEN RIVER– The Green River High School Future Farmers of America (FFA) students taught the students at Truman Elementary School about various topics on Friday, September 21, in which the kids even got to pet sheep and mini horses.

GRHS FFA taught at Truman Elementary in honor of National Teach Ag Day, which was Thursday, September 20.

The Truman students rotated through stations, which included a livestock trailer/cattle pot, animal ID station, milking station, horse station, and sheep station.

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GRHS FFA teacher Liz Thoman explained what her students were teaching the Truman students at each station.

Cattle Pot Station

At the cattle pot station, students learned how livestock is transported and how it is done safely. The FFA students compared it to the school bus. The younger students got to run through the trailer/pot and explore it.

Animal ID Station

At the animal ID station, the FFA students taught the younger kids how livestock is identified with either an ear tag or a brand. The FFA students showed the kids how to tag animals and how a brand works.

Milking Station

At the milking station, the FFA students taught the Truman students how milk gets from a cow to their glass, where milk comes from, and what milk is used to make. They also taught the kids the basics of milking a cow, letting them “milk” a fake udder.

Horse Station

At the horse station, the kids learned what horses are used for, the basic tools used to groom horses, and they also learned about the equipment used to ride horses such as the saddle, halters, and more.

The kids also got to got to pet some mini horses.

Sheep Station

At the sheep station, the kids learned that sheep are raised for their wool and they learned what wool makes. They learned how sheep are sheared and about the different types of wool. They also learned some of the very basic terms relating to sheep.

In addition to learning about sheep, they got to pet some sheep as well.

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