GRHS Marching Band Gets to Work [PHOTOS]

GRHS Marching Band Gets to Work [PHOTOS]

GREEN RIVER– The Green River High School marching band has been participating in a camp this week, in which the new band members have been learning the fundamentals of marching.

“They can already play pretty well, so this week has been about learning the steps for marching,” GRHS band director Quinn Kalinski said.

The new band members have been working with Kalinski and student section leaders to learn the steps, practice holding the instruments, and figure out the fundamentals of marching.

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Each section of the band has a student leader, in which students apply for the position and Kalinski interviews the applicants and figures out who fits the position best.

“This year we have the best group of student leaders we’ve had yet,” Kalinski said.

The student leaders are the primary teachers for their sections while Kalinski oversees the entire band and provides extra guidance where needed. He said the student leaders can understand and relate to the new band members more than he can, as they were in their position more recently.

Today, the students are beginning to incorporate playing the instruments into their marching, as they have been working on footwork throughout the week.

Kalinski compared learning how to march to how athletes learn the basics of their sport before they jump into the action. Now that the band has been working on the steps, it is time to start playing the instruments and bring it all together.

“The kids are doing really awesome things and making great music,” Kalinski said.

This year, GRHS will also have a color guard to add additional visual aspects to the band’s performances.

“The first time they ever picked up a flag was on Monday and they’re already doing so great,” Jill Carpenter said.

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