GRHS Welding and Autos Students Complete a Working Field Trip

GRHS Welding and Autos Students Complete a Working Field Trip

GREEN RIVER– Over fifty Green River High School Advanced Welding and Autos students recently completed a Working Field Trip to the Salt Lake City area. 

The trip was organized by Airgas Account Manager Clint Eddy and assisted by Airgas branch Manager Cory DuPape. Funding for the trip came primarily from Green River High School.

Students were able to attend Sparks Motors (home of Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers), Davis Technical Institute (sponsored by Lincoln Welding), ESAB Welding Distributors and Weber State University Welding Engineering Program (sponsored by Miller Welding).   

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At each of these facilities, the students were actively engaged in hands on activities ranging from Computer Assisted Design using Solid Works Software at Diesel Brothers to an all-out Welding and Fabrication Contest at Davis Technical Institute. Students were awarded prizes for their performance from Airgas, ESAB, Lincoln and Miller, and other items as a thank you for participating.

At ESAB Welding Distribution Center the students took part in a timed Oxyacetylene Cutting Contest where they had to set up, mark and cut a section of 4” Channel Iron.   Following ESAB the students finished up in Weber State University Engineering Program where they experienced Submerged Arc Welding, CNC full automation programing, introduced to metallurgic testing equipment and then provided access to state of the art welding equipment  sponsored by Miller Welding.

The trip was an amazing experience for these students.  Green River High School would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Airgas, specifically Clint Eddy and Cory DuPape for their efforts in making this trip possible.

Winners of the welding contest at Davis Technical Institute

  • 1st place- Connar Wilkins
  • 2nd place- Garrett Harris
  • 3rd place- Kaleb Saccomono
Connar Wilkins
Garrett Harris

Kaleb Saccomono