GRHS Wolves of the Week 9/10-16

? ~ Wolves of the Week  ~ ?

Amber Juel

“Amber came into my Adv. Painting class late but is already working her hardest to
go above and beyond. She is finding ways to make extensions on assignments and
put her own twist on her assignments. She has had an awesome start.”

-Nominated by: Mr. Shane Steiss, GRHS Art Teacher

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Kiera Edmonds

“Kiera is learning a lot of skills on her own outside of class. She is identifying skills
she needs to improve and spending hours researching and trying new techniques. I
was blown away when she showed me what she was doing.”

-Nominated by: Mr. Shane Steiss, GRHS Art Teacher

Sandra Figenser & Madisyn Mende

“Sandra and Madisyn gave an outstanding performance of the National Anthem at
the Hall of Fame dinner.”

-Nominated by: Mr. Howard GRHS Principal

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