Grizzly Bear Trapping Effort Suspended

Grizzly Bear Trapping Effort Suspended

CODY- The Wyoming Game and Fish Department will suspend efforts to trap a female grizzly bear and two cubs involved in an incident that injured a Cody man 21 miles outside of Cody, WY on June 20.

“Trapping efforts have been suspended because the bear has moved into a more remote location and is no longer in the area of the incident or near any homes,” said Cody Region Wildlife Supervisor Alan Osterland. “Our primary concern is for human safety. Based on the circumstances of the encounter, we feel that the bear did not display unnatural aggression and does not pose an elevated threat to people.”

Game and Fish personnel conducted an extensive search for the bears and set traps in the area for three nights after responding to a report of a man being injured by a grizzly bear with two cubs on his rural property southwest of Cody.

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“Although capture efforts were unsuccessful, Game and Fish personnel located and followed tracks and other sign that indicate the bears have left the location of the incident and moved into rugged terrain outside of human development,” Osterland said. “The bears had not received any food rewards and were not localized. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and respond to any reports of bears in the area or incidents of human-bear conflicts.”

Bears can act aggressively towards humans in defense of their personal space, food source, or their cubs. To avoid encounters with bears, make noise to alert a bear of your presence, travel in groups, and carry a readily accessible defense such as bear spray.