Group speaks to RS Council about recent developments at local nursing home

Group speaks to RS Council about recent developments at local nursing home

ROCK SPRINGS – A group of passionate individuals approached the council asking for support as they work to keep a local nursing home’s doors open.

On Monday, the doors to what many residents know as Sage Nursing Home were closed. During the public comment portion of Tuesday’s meeting, Karen Muto spoke to the council on the recent developments. She explained the nursing home has been a part of this community for many years and almost everyone knows someone who received services through the nursing home.

The center of 90 employees servicing 58 residents had the doors locked early this week. Muto, who was joined by several co-workers, said they are ready to take ownership of the center to make sure older residents have the opportunity to finish out their lives in the community they grew up in. Muto did not ask for financial support but rather just the support of the council as they attempt to move forward.

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“We know it is going to take a lot of hard work,” Muto told the council. “We want to keep residents here to finish their journey where it started. We are asking your support to keep mom and dad at home.”

Mayor Carl Demshar said he could sympathize as both his parents spent time in local nursing homes towards the end of their lives. He told Muto he was not sure what the city could do, because of federal and state statutes, but added they would do whatever they could to help. He said they would be open to writing letters of support for the group.

Not only was Demshar supportive but Councilman Rob Zotti also voiced support. He said it was a sad day to find out the nursing home’s doors had been closed.

Councilman Tim Savage said he has been involved in the issue and spoke with local Senator Bernadine Craft about the issue.

Savage said the building owner is solid but it was closed do to operational issues. He said Craft is also working on the issue and explained there are mechanisms which it has to go through at a state level to re-open. He too spoke to the importance of keeping the nursing home open.

The city said they will continue to keep on top of the issue and spoke in support of Muto and the group moving forward.