GRPD Gets City Council Approval to Purchase New K9

GRPD Gets City Council Approval to Purchase New K9

GREEN RIVER — With the early passing of Green River Police Department K9 Ridex in 2021, the police department is now looking to purchase a new K9 and the accompanying training for the handler for around $7,151.

GRPD Captain Brad Halter presented the GRPD’s proposal with K9 Working Dogs International, LLC to purchase a new narcotics detection K9 with a credit, due to the passing of Ridex. The company offers a Police K9 Guarantee, including a 5-year working guarantee and a 5-year health guarantee. Since Ridex passed away in 2021, four years after he started with the GRPD, K9 Working Dogs International is honoring their previously expressed K9 Health Guarantee and have awarded the Green River Police Department a credit of $2,437.50.

While the program’s total cost, with the purchase of the K9, is $26,338.71, they offer a K9 Leap Grant within their organization of $4,250. Additionally, with the credit for Ridex, and additional potential grant funding of $12,500, the total cost for the K9 and handler training will be $7,151.

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The European imported dog costs $16,750, and is trained for narcotics detection, interdiction, area evidence search, public relations and demonstrations, and for work in a correctional facility. Additionally, the handler will be trained to work with the dog on operational deployments, obedience, situational control, agility, and public relations and demonstrations.

“I think it’s an outstanding group, they provide excellent training and they provide amazing working dogs for police agencies all over the world,” Halter said.

The group’s instructors are active law enforcement officers and K9 handlers from around the United States, and they offer ongoing training and support to the handlers after they return to their home agency. Their training has also been P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer’s Standards and Training) recognized by several states, including Wyoming, and their training and certification are recognized by the United States Supreme Court.

The Green River City Council unanimously approved the proposal with K9 Working Dogs International.