Head Start Thanks Trunk-or-Treat Partners

Head Start Thanks Trunk-or-Treat Partners

SWEETWATER COUNTY — The following is a press release from Sweetwater County School District #1 Head Start, who recently hosted a Halloween Trunk-or-Treat event with support from the community.

The full text follows:

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We had a great time at our annual Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween this year and even though it was cold and windy, we had a lot of support from community partners.

Kimberly Harper with the Rock Springs Library

Niki Wiese and Brittany Robinson from Dr. Romney’s Dental Office

Judy Roderick with Sweetwater County Emergency Management

Glennise Wendorff and Rose Moseby with the Rock Springs City Council

Cpl. Steve Palidino (& a rough-looking deputy) from Sweetwater County Sheriff Department

Ashley Gurr and Kristy Krause with Sweetwater Medics

Randy Hanson with the Rock Springs Police Department

Amy Warne, Nathan Reese and Lance East with the Rock Springs Fire Department