#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Candace Wuolle and Clairissa Roosa | CC’s Sweets 307

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Candace Wuolle and Clairissa Roosa | CC’s Sweets 307

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals in our community.

This week I had a chance to catch up with sisters Candace Wuolle and Clairissa Roosa, the talented bakers behind CC’s Sweets 307.

Candace and Clairissa are both RNs who enjoy baking together as a way to unwind and provide yet another service to our community. If you have a sweet tooth, they’ve got your back. The sisters bake custom cakes, cookies, cupcakes, holiday items, and more!

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Baking started out as just a hobby, but they were inspired by their late grandmother to start their home business, she even let them use her kitchen.

Both Candace and Clairissa work and have families of their own, finding time to complete orders has been a challenge, but teamwork makes the dream work!

When I asked the girls about who has influenced or helped them the most throughout your business journey, they told me about their sweet grandmother.

“Our Granny was our taste-tester, gave us many ideas for decorations, let us use her kitchen and kept us entertained while we were baking. She enjoyed telling us about her baking experiences and approving the taste and looks of our creations when they were finished. Our mother also helps us, she taught us how to bake and we use some of her recipes.”

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Their favorite memories on this journey have been baking in their grandmother’s kitchen and being able to see how proud and happy she was with each finished product.

For Clairissa and Candace business success is all about giving back to the community while doing something they enjoy – and that’s exactly what they are doing.


Bake, Laugh, Love.

“We love how generous and supportive our community is. Everyone is willing to help out and support a good cause. As you can tell our grandma was a big influence on our business and why we became nurses. We said goodbye to our sweet grandma in October of this year.”

From now until December 15th the gals at CC’s Sweets 307 are selling popcorn and rice crispy cakes for $10 each and donating 50% of the proceeds to Hospice of Sweetwater County their grandmother’s name.

“Hospice of Sweetwater County is an amazing organization in our community and they have helped many families through the toughest part of their lives,” explained Clarissa and Candance.

Throughout their baking and business journey, Candace and Clarissa have a few wise words of advice they’d like to share with aspiring business owners or anyone with a dream.

“If it’s something that you love and enjoy doing go for it, the rest will fall into place.”

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