#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Kayla Laughter | Fits of Laughter Childcare

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Kayla Laughter | Fits of Laughter Childcare

Welcome to the #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking business owners in our community.

This week I had a chance to catch up with Kayla Laughter, owner of Fits of Laughter Childcare. Kayla and her team recently moved to a new location at 538 Pilot Butte Avenue in Rock Springs. 

Fits of Laughter Childcare offers childcare services for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years, focusing on gross and fine motor skills that prepare children for school. They also teach pre-school during the school year and provide summer activities for school-age children during the summer months such as; going to parks, the movies, and water parks.

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Kayla has 15 years of childcare experience and has always enjoyed caring for and teaching children. In 2012, Kayla decided to open up her first childcare center in her home so she could do what she loves and be able to stay home with her children.  

“I love the kids and having the opportunities to teach them and give them new experiences they wouldn’t normally get at home. When I’m teaching a child a new skill and they have that ‘ah-ha moment’ where everything just clicks – the joy and pride we both feel in that instant is a huge part of why I do what I do.”

As you can imagine, trying to build a childcare business for the last 7 years has offered a few struggles. 

“Our biggest challenge has been letting people know we are a well-established quality program,” explained Kayla. 

When Kayla began her childcare journey 15 years ago, she was young and people weren’t sure if she had the necessary skills and experience to be teaching and caring for children. But she didn’t give up and for years Fits of Laughter Childcare has been a place parents trust.



Fits of Laughter started out as a small home center of 10 children with two childcare providers. After five years of hard work, Kayla and her team were to be able to open a center outside of Kayla’s home with a total of 36 children! 

“Moving to our first center was one of our most difficult struggles, but we made it!” Kayla explained.

The have recently moved to a larger location where they will be able to care for up to 70 children.

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Check out some Facebook reviews left by local parents over the years ?

“They care, they ask questions, they know my son and share stories and express compliments or concerns. I love the artwork and dedication they have to experience new things for the children. They are also flexible when I need to change my hours. It’s a great place for my son and I’m glad I found them, that such great places exists”Tina L. 

“Love this place! I know my babies are in good hands.”Gabriela B.

“Great provider. Provides lots of daily enrichment activities for all ages. Engages well with the kids.”Pamela H. 

“DEFINITELY recommend Fits of Laughter Childcare!! They are awesome!!”April G. 

“With time, dedication, and word of mouth, I believe we have achieved the reputation we have been striving for.”

For Kayla, the most rewarding part of owning Fits of Laughter is being able to provide a service to the community.

“I feel early childhood education is important and I love being able to provide a quality program to the little minds of our community,” Kayla said. “I feel business success is not necessarily defined by a dollar amount or quantity, but in the fulfillment that you are doing what you love and doing it well.”

“When the community asks for a service, you provide it, and become highly recommended – for me that’s when I feel like I’ve succeeded.”

One of the most important aspects of being a business owner that makes it all worth it for Kayla is being able to have a flexible schedule that allows her to be there for her three children when they need her. 

After experiencing years of the highs and lows of being a business owner, mom, and childcare provider – Kayla has a few wise words of advice for anyone aspiring to open up a business of their own. 

“Never give up. Things will get tough and there will be setbacks and difficulties, but if you push on, and don’t let those things derail you – you will succeed.”

?Find Fits of Laughter Childcare at 538 Pilot Butte Avenue in Rock Springs, WY

? Give them a ring at (307) 371-0004

Monday – Friday
6 AM – 6 PM

? Keep up with them on Facebook here.