#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Tina Angelovic | A Touch of Class Floral

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Tina Angelovic | A Touch of Class Floral

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals in our community. 

This week, I had a chance to catch up with Tina Angelovic. Tina is the owner of the long-standing floral shop, A Touch of Class Floral. 

She is a lifelong Wyoming resident and has lived in Rock Springs almost her entire life. She’s a professional floral designer who brings special meaning to every arrangement she makes. 

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Tina began working in the floral business back in 1975 when she worked for her mother-in-law at her floral shop, The Wildflower here in Rock Springs. She took a break from the floral business to work for her former husband’s construction company for some time, but being a florist-at-heart, she missed working in the floral business.

There is a difference!

Tina is creative through and through; she loves flowers, people, and making events special with the extra touches, so in 1985 she decided to open A Touch of Class Floral and she’s been devoted to making our community a more beautiful place with flowers for over 30 years.

A Touch of Class specializes in fresh floral arrangements, but they also have a large selection of plants for all occasions. They can do a little bit of everything from tux rentals, to themed gift baskets, to taking care of your floral needs during the tender time of losing a loved one.  

Keeping a small business running through all of the ebbs and flows of the economy in Sweetwater County, for over 30 years has not come easy. “It’s taken a lot of hard work, dedication, and determination,” explained Tina. 

According to jpmorganandchase.com, 51% of small businesses are 10 years old or less – which makes staying in business for over 30 years that much more impressive!

Tina works 7 days a week when needed, to serve her customers. She takes very few vacations and she’s constantly making deliveries; whether it be delivering flowers for a wedding out of town, to a funeral, or to a birthday party. 

As you could imagine, the floral industry is at its highest demand during the holidays. Tina ends up working each of those holidays. Tina and her family often end up working through the night on Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

For Tina, all of the hard work is worth it. She loves people and she loves doing her part to make the world a beautiful place.

“Every day really is an adventure. You never know what is going to walk through the door and there are so many funny stories in my 30+ years. There is never a dull moment. There’s always something happy, sad, surprising, and funny happening in the flower shop.”

Throughout her years in business, Tina has had the privilege of working with and building relationships with many people in Sweetwater County and beyond. In the short time I was able to visit with her I quickly realized why the community has trusted her for all of these years. She’s kind, approachable, and she genuinely cares about each person that walks through the doors of her shop.

“She puts her heart and soul into each design to make it specials. She will make a bride feel like the most special girl in the world and the next moment comfort a family about the loss of a loved one.”
-Jen Allen, Tina’s Daughter

If Tina could give one piece of advice to aspiring business owners/managers it would be…

“You have to be all in 110% to make it successful. It’s all about hard work, determination, and dedication.”

?Give A Touch of Class Floral a call at 307-362-4800
?Stop by and say hi at 421 Broadway Street in Rock Springs
? Keep up with them on Facebook HERE