#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac

#HOMETOWN HUSTLE: Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac

Whisler Management Team: Travis Montague, Deanna Hunter & Candace Lambert

Welcome to #HOMETOWNHUSTLE – a SweetwaterNOW exclusive series where we highlight hardworking individuals in our community.

This week I had a chance to catch up with the folks at the local car dealership Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac. The dealership is family-owned and has been serving Sweetwater County for over 60 years!

Whisler is currently owned by Andria Whisler. Andria is a 3rd generation owner of the dealership. The dealership was established in 1956 by her grandfather Jimmie Whisler.

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While attending Stanford University, Jimmie Whisler wrote his college thesis on where in the United States you should start a business. Long story short, it wasn’t long after that when the Whislers purchased the dealership from the Utzingers and Whisler Chevrolet Cadillac was started right here in Rock Springs, WY.

Later, his brother Bob Whisler took over and operated the dealership for over 40 years. Since Bob’s retirement, daughter Andria Whisler has operated the business and continues to run it today.

Andria Whisler, Current owner of Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac

“My goal now is the same as my grandfather’s (Glen Whisler) and my uncle Jimmie’s when they started the business, 100% customer satisfaction,” explained Andria. “I pride myself in knowing that every customer that steps onto the property will be treated with the utmost respect and care. You’ve got MY name on it.”

When I asked about the key to keeping a family dealership open for over half a decade, the answer was simple. Service.

“Not just our service department but the service we strive to provide and the commitment and care for our customers and community.”

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For as long as the dealership has been open, Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac has been actively involved in creating a stronger community. From annual campaigns and partnerships to local efforts around the holidays to hosting 3-on-3 basketball tournaments to farmers’ markets and more, Whisler strives to make a difference.

The dealership has hosted an annual car show for the past 10 years, and throughout those 10 years they have been able to successfully raise thousands of dollars to different charities and groups.

And now during this COVID-19 pandemic, they stepped up to partner on the #SweetwaterStrong campaign to highlight local restaurants and service businesses with us at SweetwaterNOW.


Strong, Trustworthy, and Devoted.

They also host an annual Trunk or Treat in their lot during Halloween – they event has grown each year, and last year more than 2,000 people attended. (Trust me, I know – I was the one doing the counting.)

This article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the incredible floats the team at Whisler put together each winter for the Annual Holiday Lighted Parade. Each year the team at Whisler spends countless hours creating an elaborate float for no other reason than to provide something wonderful for the community to enjoy. For three years in a row, the dealership has received the honor of “Best Decorated Float.”

As you can imagine, Whisler Chevrolet and Cadillac has been forced to adapt with the changes of the retail market during the past 64 years. Business is always up and down depending on the local economy, national news, etc.

“The current COVID-19 Crisis is a completely different challenge and it’s unlike anything we’ve ever faced. Not only does it affect sales and service but it has drastically affected the lives and livelihood of our employees and all of our customers. As with other challenges we’ve faced we have hit this one head-on!”

-Andria Whisler

Whisler has adapted their way of doing business to help keep their customers safe. For years, they’ve had the ability to sell a care via the internet and over the phone but with the current climate they’ve fine-tuned the process to make it even easier for their customers.

They are also providing pick-up and delivery services for their customer’s vehicles, and maintaining a safe and clean work and retail space.

The Whisler family, the managers, and the employees of Whisler Chevrolet & Cadillac have a few kind words they’d like to share with the people of Sweetwater County.

Thank you to all our customers and community members for 60 years of support.
There is no way we could continue to serve this community without YOU!

?Give the folks at Whisler a call at (307) 362-5677

? Stop by at 2200 Foothill Blvd in Rock Springs

? Keep up with them on Facebook HERE.

? View their inventory online HERE.