Hospice of Sweetwater County Hosts Candlelight Remembrance Service

Hospice of Sweetwater County Hosts Candlelight Remembrance Service

ROCK SPRINGS— Hospice of Sweetwater County is hosting their annual Candlelight Remembrance Service for all bereaved community members on Sunday, November 12, at 4 pm.

“Our annual candlelight service is an event that the public really looks forward to every year,” Hospice of Sweetwater County Support Services Coordinator Carrie Halter said.

The Creation of the Candlelight Service

The first public candlelight service was in 1993, after being created when a bereaved parents group noticed the need for a public memorial service.

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“Hospice of Sweetwater County opened its doors in 1983. Back in its infancy, Hospice of Sweetwater County facilitated a bereaved parents support group. One of the needs that this group identified was the need for a memorial service,” Halter said.

Service is Needed During Difficult Holiday Season

The service was initially held in late May to coincide with Memorial Day, but it was later moved to the start of the holiday season.

“The holidays are a difficult time for those who are bereaved, and it seemed appropriate to move this memorial service to a time when it is most needed.”

The Service Remembers Loved Ones

The Candlelight Remembrance Service allows the community to join one another in remembering lost loved ones.

“It gives bereaved persons in our community an opportunity to come together to learn about grief and their own unique grieving process,” Halter said. “The service also gives the staff and volunteers of Hospice of Sweetwater County an opportunity to remember and to commemorate those we cared for during the year, as well as their families.”

Service Details

The candlelight service will be preceded by a showing of the short film, “Tear Soup, A Recipe for Healing,” at 3 pm.

The service will also have soup and refreshments for all attendees.

The Candlelight Remembrance will be at the Bunning Freight Station, located at 603 South Main Street, in Rock Springs.

For more information, people can visit the Candlelight Remembrance Service event page on Facebook by clicking here.

The Tree of Love

Hospice of Sweetwater County’s Tree of Love will start at the end of the Candlelight Remembrance Service and will run until the end of December.

“Handcrafted rose ornaments are available to purchase in memory of a loved one, and the color changes yearly,” Halter said. “When a rose ornament is purchased, a paper heart ornament is placed on the tree in memory of a loved one.”

The Tree of Love will be on display on the second floor of the Health and Human Services Building, located at 333 Broadway in Rock Springs.