Huckers Brings Fun to Downtown

Huckers Brings Fun to Downtown

ROCK SPRINGS– Downtown Rock Springs is about to get a whole lot more fun with Huckers opening up this weekend.

Huckers is a hatchet throwing establishment where people can gather for a good time while throwing some sharp objects.

“As kids, when we’re camping, we’re told not to play around with the axe that’s used to cut wood. Now, we’re telling you to have fun and throw them,” Kieth Roice, owner of Huckers said.

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After facing several challenges such as having to secure insurance to have liability, get the recreational zoning to allow projectile items, and doing major renovations on the building, Huckers is now ready to open its doors.

Hatchet Throwing as a Sport

Keith was introduced to hatchet throwing about four to five years ago by friends and has been competing ever since. At first when hatchet throwing made its way to the United States, it was a very trendy activity, which Kieth wasn’t a fan of.

“I was leery of the trend. When it expanded outside of a trend and into a sport, then I really started to look at it as a business,” Kieth said.

The sport has captivated a unique audience, according to Kieth, and is quite “female driven”. In fact, Huckers is half women-owned, as his aunt, Donna Roice Teeples, is his business partner.

“She’s the brains, I’m the hammer,” Kieth said.

Donna is an established business woman in the construction industry, as she is the president of Industrial Hoist and Crane.

Due to the sport being women driven and much of the business as well, Kieth decided to pay homage to the women in his life.

“I decided to paint the walls this turquoise-blue color because all the women in my life love the color turquoise. They all wore that turquoise jewelry as I was growing up so it’s a way to pay tribute,” he said.

He also said his mom played a huge role in the design and creation of Huckers.

Adding to the Downtown Atmosphere

Kieth did all of the construction of Huckers on his own, with some help from friends. Renovation came first, as the location was a “disaster,” according to Kieth. They secured the building in November and the physical build lasted from December through now.

“It was a complete wreck in here with rubble up to your waist,” he said.

He believes Huckers will add the the downtown atmosphere, which is important to him.

“I love these old downtown areas. I’m a downtown guy,” Kieth said.

He said Rock Springs is a great town, but there’s just not always a lot to do and he’s excited for Huckers to help give the community something fun to participate in.

“It’s cool to be able to do something positive and fun for downtown,” he said.

Keeping it Wyoming

When constructing and designing, Kieth wanted to create a “rustic and very Wyoming” atmosphere, while also making it very nice. He has whiskey barrel tables for decor with exposed wood. The Wyoming Cowboy logo is also imprinted on each table top.

“This is the original hatchet throwing place in Wyoming, so we wanted to keep it very Wyoming,” he said. “I’m from Wyoming, my family are all Wyoming natives, and I was born and raised here. I left to Idaho for college but I moved back a few years ago, and it’s always been home.”

Huckers will be a place where friend and family can gather and enjoy the sport of hatchet throwing, but it will also host leagues and tournaments for more serious participants.

Huckers will be opening its doors to the public with a grand opening on Saturday, February 29, at 1 pm. Huckers is located at 642 Pilot Butte, Rock Springs.