Industry Leaders Endorse Greene For Mayor

Industry Leaders Endorse Greene For Mayor

ROCK SPRINGS — Local leaders in the coal and trona industry have publicly endorsed Ryan Greene to be the next Mayor of Rock Springs, Wyoming.

Endorsement letters written and signed by Fred von Ahrens, Vice President of Manufacturing at Genesis Alkali, and Steve Gili, General Manager at Black Butte Coal Company can be read below:

Fred von Ahrens, Vice President – Manufacturing, Genesis Alkali

“I have lived in Wyoming for nearly 8 years now. My prior experience in living and operating a business in other states including Pennsylvania, Maryland, Kansas, Idaho, California and New Jersey have made me keenly aware of the impact that the political environment can have on a business and the community.

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That said, I continue to be impressed with the caliber of candidates that step up for public service in Wyoming at the local and state level.

Living in Rock Springs and running our vertically integrated, Trona Mine with downstream Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate and Caustic Soda Manufacturing Facilities in Green River, I have come to know both of the Rock Springs Mayoral candidates and fully appreciate that we have two very good candidates.

These decisions are never easy; however, I have come to know Ryan Greene as a bright, open minded, creative and driven businessman. Ryan has worked to transform his family’s energy service business to address the changing market conditions.

I have worked side by side with Ryan in learning how our respective businesses can have a positive impact on education, working to improve outcomes for our children. Currently Ryan and I are working with Climb Wyoming to employ low-income single mothers.

I am proud to endorse Ryan Greene and believe if elected he will live and lead by his campaign commitment to listen, learn and lead.”

Steve Gili, General Manager, Black Butte Coal Company

“For the last 22 years, I have worked in the U.S. Coal Industry. It’s important to me that candidates for public office in our area understand, appreciate and support the extractive industries around Sweetwater County.

That is why, I am proud to publicly express my support for Ryan Greene to be the next Mayor of Rock Springs – his understanding of the energy industry is first hand and extensive.

Our community needs a leader with a vision for the future; this is no time to dwell on the past. In particular, I am impressed by the LEAN Rock Springs initiative proposed by Ryan. Reducing waste and creating more efficiencies in government will help our city grow, develop, and improve.

His plans to hire a full-time grant writer will allow the city to take advantage of funding opportunities that otherwise might be missed. Small and large businesses alike will benefit from his forward-looking plans.

Without reservation, and with tremendous hope for our city, I am pleased to endorse Ryan Greene for Mayor of Rock Springs.”

Ryan Greene, Candidate for Mayor

“My entire professional life has been spent working for industry in Southwest Wyoming. It means a great deal to me that these industry leaders, men I have worked with and respect greatly, are offering their support to our campaign.

Working together, I believe we can make incredible strides forward for Rock Springs – and it will be critical to have folks like Fred and Steve at the table.”


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