JoGee’s Juice Bar: Healthy Foods for a Community that is On the Go

Gene and Jo Lynn Emerson, owners of JoGee's Juice Bar.

ROCK SPRINGS— Opening up a juice bar in Rock Springs has been in the back of Jo Lynn Emerson’s mind since she and her husband Gene started juicing eight years ago.

Healthy and Fast Options

The Emersons know first hand how difficult it can be to eat healthy meals when there are other responsibilities to take care of, like work and kids, so they decided to take it upon themselves to provide a place for people to get healthy, fast food options by creating JoGee’s Juice Bar.

“When you work full time, have kids and other commitments, it is hard to find the time to grocery shop and create healthy meals,” Jo Lynn said. “I wanted to make eating healthier a little easier on people who already eat healthy, are trying to eat healthy, and for those who are on the go.”

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JoGee’s Juice Bar, located at 1695 Sunset Dr., Suite 101, serves fresh juice, smoothies, salads, wraps, and more food options that are geared to be as healthy as possible.

“It’s important to me to have healthy meal options because unless you are totally committed to a healthy lifestyle and juice or eat healthy at home, options in this town for healthy, fast meals are limited,” Jo Lynn said.

JoGee’s does not use packaged ingredients in their juice or smoothies, and all of the supplements they add to smoothies are natural, gluten free, vegan, and as organic as possible.

They offer gluten free options, dairy free options, vegetarian options, and more, so anyone can find something healthy and delicious to eat that will fit into their diets.

“We Can Do This!”

Jo Lynn first though of starting a juice bar eight years ago, but she started acting on bringing this dream to life after she took some business classes at Western Wyoming Community College.

“The business classes laid the foundation for the dream to take off,” she said. “I started talking to Gene more about the ‘what if’s’ of starting our own business.”

They started working towards opening their own juice bar after visiting Lander in March 2017 when they picked up a car they purchased. They saw a juice bar called “The Juicery” on Main Street in Lander, and went in to talk to the owner, Nicole Martin. The Juicery had just opened one month prior.

“When Gene and I walked out, we both looked at each other and said at the same time, ‘We can do this!’,” Jo Lynn said.

They started getting in touch with the city and contacts to put things in motion. The overall process of creating JoGee’s took about one year, from the time they decided to start the business to completion.

Finding a suitable location was the most difficult part of the process, but once they found the space they are in now, the process progressed smoothly.

The original name Jo Lynn came up with for the juice bar was Jo’s Juice Bar, but she wanted something a little catchier.

“It just occurred to me to combine Gene’s and my name. Jo + Ge-ne E-merson = JoGee.”

Creating A Unique Menu

“It took me months and months of deciding what would be on the menu,” Jo Lynn said.
She thought a lot about what people who are on the go, who want to lose weight, or who already live a healthy lifestyle want to eat and drink.

“One of my thoughts was that when I had to be at work in the morning and didn’t have time to make a healthy breakfast, how easy it was to make poor decisions like grabbing fast food or stopping at a gas station for something,” she said.

She added that she “wanted to put items on the menu that people wouldn’t find just anywhere”.

JoGee’s prepares steel cut oatmeal and red quinoa every morning, as it is hearty and healthy. They also have coconut wraps, which is something nobody else has and appeals to both adults and kids.

“My menu looks different from what I originally planned, but I hope to eventually incorporate all of my ideas into the menu,” Jo Lynn said.

People can check out JoGee’s Juice Bar on Facebook for more information and to stay updated on their menu.