Kreis to Participate in Junior National Young Leaders Conference

Kreis to Participate in Junior National Young Leaders Conference

Sawyer Kreis is going to Washington D.C. for the Junior National Young Leaders Conference. Photo by Kiarra Zampedri Photography

GREEN RIVER — One Green River middle school student will not only have the chance to develop his leadership skills, but take in the sights while attending a program in Washington D.C.

Sawyer Kreis of Green River will join other middle-school students from across the nation to take part in an academic and career oriented development program called Junior National Young Leaders Conference.

“I’m excited because there are going to be people from all over the county,” Kreis said. “I want to meet everyone.”

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Kreis was nominated by his fourth-grade teacher at Monroe Elementary School, Maria Anderson. Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, the camp for 2020 was rescheduled for the summer 2021. Like other students selected for the program, Kreis had to wait.

With the wait, came an opportunity.

Due to the first camp being postponed, Kreis had the opportunity to choose which Envision program he wanted to attend. He could either attend Envision’s National Youth Leadership Forum: Pathways to Stem, which is taking place in Denver or the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, which is taking place in Washington D.C.

For Kreis, the decision was easy.

“I wanted to go to the leadership camp,” Kreis said. “I want to learn how to be a good leader.”

The Junior National Young Leaders Conference is one of the Envision by WorldStrides family of programs that enable students to explore their interests and experience learning beyond the classroom, according to an Envision press release.

Kreis said he naturally tends to take on a leadership role when working with groups and so he thought learning tips on how to be a good leader would be an important skill to have.

Kreis recently finished sixth grade at Lincoln Middle School and throughout his time at that school he has excelled. Some of his accomplishments include making the A Honor Roll, being a member of the Mathcounts Team, receiving an award for highest WyTOPP math score and participating in the Geography Bee.

“I grew over 100 points on my WyTOPP,” Kreis said proudly.

During the six-day camp, Kreis will have numerous opportunities to learn and grow. Even though the camp starts June 20, an official schedule hasn’t been released. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedule and list of events will be scheduled three days prior to the camp. However, Kreis was told he may tour the White House and stay overnight at the Smithsonian as examples of what to expect at the camp.

“‘I’m excited of course, but also a little nervous,” Kreis said.

The family plans on staying in Washington D.C., while Kreis attends the camp. They will also take in the same sights Kreis does during his camp.

“At Junior National Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. students build the confidence and skills needed to excel in high school, college, and the workplace,” Envision SVP Amanda Freitag Thomas said. “They learn how to adapt to and communicate in new situations, to new challenges, and with new people, which, given how rapidly the world is changing due to technology and innovation, are essential skills for success.”

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