La Barge Bluffs Petroglyph Site listed in the National Register of Historic Places

La Barge Bluffs Petroglyph Site listed in the National Register of Historic Places

Photos via BLM

LINCOLN COUNTY — The La Barge Bluffs Petroglyph Site in Lincoln County was listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) on April 7 for its embodiment of distinctive characteristics of the work of a master, high artistic value and for yielding information important in prehistory.

The petroglyph site consists of nine panels of some of the richest and most expressive rock art in western North America. The rock art covers 215 meters along the bank of the Green River and includes ancient anthropomorphic and zoomorphic figures, narrative battle and dance scenes and depictions of two locomotives.

“The NRHP listing highlights the La Barge Bluffs’ historic value and underscores the need to preserve and protect it for current and future generations to learn from and enjoy,” states Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Archaeologist Breelyn Van Fleet. Every panel at the La Barge Bluffs has been damaged by graffiti, chalk, staining, bullets, paint and even attempted removal over the years. “Our volunteer stewardship program helps by letting the BLM know about damage, both human-caused and natural, in a timely manner and the site stewards deter further damage through their regular visits while helping to educate the public,” adds Van Fleet.

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The NRHP nomination was prepared and reviewed through the coordinated efforts of the BLM Rock Springs Field Office, the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). The field office is also working with the Wyoming SHPO to list the Eden-Farson Site, the Tolar Petroglyphs and Crookston Ranch in the NRHP.

For more information about this NRHP listing or the Site Stewardship Program, please contact Van Fleet at 307-352-0240.

Photo via BLM