Leave the Clocks Alone? Wyoming Again Considering Eliminating Seasonal Time Changes

(Dan Cepeda, Oil City)

Reported by Oil City News – Brendan LaChance

CASPER, Wyo. — Wyoming clocks “fell back” in November, in coordination with daylight savings time.

However, the Wyoming Legislature will consider a bill during their up-coming session that would eliminate the seasonal time changes if passed.

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“The residents and businesses of the state of Wyoming have become more habituated to the eight (8) months of daylight saving time per year than the four (4) months of standard time per year,” the proposed bill reads. “The biannual change of time between mountain standard time and mountain daylight time is disruptive to commerce and to the daily schedules of the residents of the state of Wyoming.”

If the bill passes both the Wyoming House of Representatives and Wyoming Senate, daylight savings time observance in the state won’t immediately cease.

Montana, Idaho, Utah and Colorado would have to enact similar legislation in order for Wyoming to put the changes into practice.

Time in Wyoming would be referred to as “Mountain Daylight Saving Time” should the changes be put in place.

The up-coming legislative session begins Feb. 10 in Cheyenne.

This is not the first time the Wyoming Legislature will have considered such a change. They did so during their 2019 legislative session.

That bill was passed by Wyoming’s House of Representatives but failed on two tie votes in the Senate.