Leftover License Sale Opened Thursday Morning

Leftover License Sale Opened Thursday Morning

CHEYENNE – Another chance to get licenses started Thursday morning. The Wyoming Game and Fish re-opened leftover license sales on August 4, 2016 beginning at 8 am.

“Due to complications with our credit card vendor we did not sell out of leftover licenses,” said Jennifer Doering, Game and Fish license section manager. “We’ve made an effort to contact everyone who has applied to ensure all hunters have the licenses they attempted to buy. These are the licenses still left to sell within the approved quota by the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission.”

The schedule for the additional license sales beginning on August 4, Mountain Time is:
Antelope – 8 am
Doe/fawn antelope – 9 am
Deer- 10 am
Doe/fawn deer – 11 am
Elk – 12 noon
Cow/calf elk – Beginning at 1 pm-4 pm

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“The staggered release times are to do all that we can to prevent problems with credit card purchasing,” said John Kennedy, Game and Fish deputy director. “We want the public to have every opportunity to purchase available licenses which is why we’re opening a second leftover sale.”

To learn more about the licenses available for Thursday’s sale, visit:https://wgfd.wyo.gov/…/Le…/Leftover-License-Release-Schedule.